Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4, 2014

Mom and Dad,
Well, our baptism fell through, our investigator started back up full time at her job, so she wouldn´t have been able to be baptized the time we had planned saturday, and then she didn´t want to set another time to be baptized and started talking about how she doesn´t feel like shes ready to be baptized yet.. so that was a little frustrating, but hopefully sometime soon she´ll be baptized.
This week has been interesting.. I don´t know why God planned for me to end my mission like this, but I got Dengue Fever again, so since tuesday i´ve been in the house sick, all week I´ve been just chilling here, feeling like crap, and this time I´ve felt worse than the last time that I had dengue.. I´ve had a few blood tests and on saturday they said that I´m still getting worse, but hopefully the test that I´m going to do later today shows that I´m getting better again... I haven´t been allowed to go to the area to visit anybody to say goodbye to any converts and I couldn´t go to church yesterday either, which is sad that I won´t see any of these people before i leave.
So, hopefully I´m feeling better when I get home, I may be resting for a few days when i get back to fully get over the sickness.
Well, see you all soon.
I love you.
Elder Ward

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